LG Videowall 55″ 55LV35A

LG Videowall 55″ 55LV35A

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De LG55LV35A is een videowall die wordt opgebouwd uit modules van 55 inch. Met de extreem dunne bezel (rand om het scherm) gaan beelden beter in elkaar over zonder storend dikke rand ertussen. Uiteraard beschikken de schermen over een goede helderheid en kleurengamma met een zeer brede kijkhoek.

  • Artikelcode: 55LV35A
  • EAN-code: 8806084906342
  • Toepassing: Videowall
  • Formaat: 55 Inch
Categorie: Displays


Artistic Immersion, Overwhelming Captivation

The impressive immersion generated by the extremely narrow 0.9 mm bezel becomes even more powerful with a state-of-the-art smart signage platform. Beyond the self-playing feature, the VH7E series is capable of multitasking that raises brand awareness, drives traffic to your store, and engages customers in brand storytelling.

Seamless Large Screens with Extreme-Narrow Bezel

The borderless design, with its 0.9 mm* even bezel and 1.8 mm* BtB (Bezel to Bezel), verified by Nemko, minimizes bezel interference and delivers immersive and seamless content on assembled video wall screens.

Image Gap Reduction

The VH7E series includes an image improvement algorithm that can reduce image gaps among tiled displays when playing back videos. Objects located on the bezel boundaries are adjusted for a seamless viewing experience.

Higher Viewing Angle

Large screens are usually positioned higher than human-eye level, making uniform picture quality essential for video walls. The viewing angle of the VH7E series is high enough to display vivid colors throughout the screen with no distortion.

Wider Viewing Angle

It is well known that LG IPS panel technology provides better control of liquid crystals, which in turn allows the screen to be viewed at virtually any angle. Thereby, the VH7E series captivates the attention of more viewers with lifelike colors, regardless of their viewing position.

Additional information




55 Inch


1,920 x 1,080 (FHD)


500 cd/m²

Bezel Width

2.25mm (L/T) / 1.25mm (R/B)

Weight (Head)








Externel Speaker Out


Belangrijkste afmetingen unit (BxDxH)

1,213.4mm X 684.2mm X 88.5mm


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