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Your content, everywhere.
Keep it short and simple.

Keep it short and simple, that was our thought developing our own digital signage software. It simply works: wherever and whenever.

Turn every device into a digital signage display.

Connect our Full HD Digital Signage Player to any device provided with an HDMI input such as a TV, projector or video wall. Login to www.ipdigitalsignage.com and choose a standard format or easily create your own template. Upload your content and within seconds your message containing images, videos and / or music will be displayed on your device. Control multiple devices with the same and / or different content on remote. This can be easily done with the software.

Android, Wi-Fi and GPS.

Our full HD digital signage players are based on the Android operating system and have Wi-Fi and GPS options. The players are quickly connected to the internet, wirelessly or with a RJ42 cable. Standard memory capacity is 8 GB, but extending the memory using a SD card is possible (up to 32 GB).

Easy to use software.

The easiest and most complete digital signage software.

Design your own campaign, upload files and publish them to the devices. Publishing your campaign only takes a minute!

Features and benefits.
  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • Signage player based on Android OS
  • Default storage capacity of 8 GB (expandable by use of SD cards)
  • Interactive and attractive digital signage by playing video, audio and other graphics
  • Easily adding Android widgets (weather, news feeds)
  • Uploading media possible by FTP
  • Manage multiple players in one group
  • Expert help desk and support team
  • Receiving reports by e-mail

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IP Digital verkoopt haar producten alleen via de professionele vakman. Wilt u onze producten toevoegen aan uw assortiment? Neem dan contact met ons op voor meer informatie. info@ipdigital.nl of bel +31 (0)347 328080


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