IP Barscreen
A striking solution for advertising.
Combine physical products with audio and video.

A striking promotional tool for the hospitality industry. Place the device with built-in lcd on the bar to promote your product. The best combination between physical products and audio & video.

For bar owners the barscreen is great advertising medium. Ideally to display a new kind of beer or soda for example. But the Barscreen is also great to use at checkout counters in stores for recommending a product. Customers can see the physical product up close but see and hear a commercial offer played on the lcd at the same time. The IP Barscreen is therefore a great combination between a physical product, video and audio.

How does it work?

This LCD display with a special gap to display a psychical product, is designed specifically for promoting a specific product. By its striking appearance the Barscreen is a real eye-catcher and specifically designed for digital signage in places where a bar or counter is the central place.

Advertisements or commercials can be displayed on the lcd, even custom made campaigns in shape of the display. The Bar Screen has an intelligent volume detection system. It detects background noises what will raise volume and will soften the sound when placed in a peaceful setting.

Suitable for any industry.

Common applications:

  • Hospitality
  • Hotels
  • Parfume stores
  • Jewelery stores
  • Liquor stores
Features and benefits.
  • Fantastic visual and physical way of displaying products
  • Clear image quality
  • Intelligent volume auto adjustment
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable quality and lifespan
  • Modern design
  • Choose between playlist or loop